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OSHA NEP Compliance

Learn how to comply with the new OSHA National Emphasis Program (NEP) and protect your business with customized training programs and safety consulting services. Stay ahead of inspections and ensure workplace safety.

How to Comply with the OSHA National Emphasis Program

Developing a Training Program for NEP

As many employers and operators are already aware, it can be a challenge to cover all your bases with health and safety compliance. At Riskill, our certified team of safety professionals can help build a customized training program for your company.

While we do provide comprehensive coverage for all OSHA, MSHA, and DOT compliance, our in field-experts can help develop a more customized training program for risks specific to your line of work. A few examples of the safety and training areas covered include:

  • Exit routes and emergency planning
  • Powered platforms and manlifts
  • Hazardous materials
  • Fire protection
  • Environment controls, accident protection, signage, and more
  • PPE, respiratory protection, and more

All Riskill training programs are fun and interactive. This not only makes it easier for employees to understand, but also enhances their protection to fall-risk as a result. Professional safety training is the most convenient and productive way for employers to protect themselves against needless and costly fines. We offer advanced tools and resources to help your company measure its safety performance against OSHA standards.

Training programs can be performed on-site, to provide the most specific safety instruction and to help inspire a work-culture around crucial safety points. Furthermore, our safety professionals use first-hand experience and easy-to-understand language in all training programs so no employee gets left behind.

Safety Consulting for NEP

Riskill has helped a wide range of companies in varying industries with OSHA inspection cases. Whether it be a minor penalty related to fall hazards or a fatality case, our qualified consultants are here to help.

OSHA, alongside other regulatory agencies, have a history of “picking and choosing” cases to pursue. As we have already covered, an inspection requires that a field officer only has to see an employee working at height to initiate NEP inspection protocol. Given the somewhat ambiguous requirements for inspection, there is much discretion left to OSHA when it comes to enforcing the new national emphasis program.

It isn’t always easy to navigate OSHA inspections, citations, and penalties on your own. Working with a certified safety consultant in Riskill can offer much-needed peace of mind, not to mention the avoidance of hassle related to ensuring injury prevention in the workplace.

Safety Management for NEP

Training and consulting are necessary first steps for any employer implementing OSHA’s new national emphasis program. With that being said, OSHA and other regulatory agencies are consistently updating safety protocols and requirements. For example, the latest national emphasis program geared toward fall hazards was actually the 13th installment of the program. Previous NEP’s include those designed for combustible dust, hazardous machinery, and trenching/excavation.

In consideration of the ever-changing regulations surrounding construction and related industries, many employers implement a safety management program, protecting against liability to future changes.

Riskill’s monthly safety management service affords your business unlimited access to our team of safety specialists. This can be a tremendous advantage for many small and medium sized companies, allowing access to talent and safety expertise they might otherwise not have access to.

Benefits to Employers

OSHA’s newest national emphasis program may require your business to make significant changes as far as safety protocols and training is concerned. In concluding our article on the national emphasis program, here is a look at the most significant advantages that come with its adoption:

  • Advanced protection to fall-risks and ensuing injuries and fatalities.
  • Protection against inspections, citations, and penalties resulting from fall hazards.
  • Advancement of conversation and work-culture surrounding health and safety.

OSHA National Emphasis Program Implementation

It can be difficult enough changing current safety standards within your organization to account for OSHA’s newest NEP, not to mention future changes in regulations expected to come. There is nothing that offers more peace of mind in terms of new safety protocol adoption than working with an experienced and knowledge partner.

At Riskill, our goal is to make safety training and management as easy to implement as possible, that way, you and your employees can continue to do what you do best. If you are looking to protect your business and employees from future hassle related to health and safety protocols, feel free to reach out to our team at any time. With experience in every major industry – from industrial manufacturers to energy companies – we would be happy to put together a customized solution for your business.

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