Overview It is impossible to ignore the violent incidents occurring in today’s world. Still, your chances of being involved in an active shooter situation are slim; unfortunately, armed intruders and active shooter incidents are occurring with greater frequency every year. Workplace violence ranks as one of the top causes of death each year in the US Department of Labor statistics.
For this reason, it is critical that your employees receive training on how to rapidly respond to an armed intruder or active shooter incident in the workplace.
This seminar will cover realistic strategies for employees to deal with an armed intruder. Whether your company has implemented Run-Hide-Fight, Lockdown, Evacuation or other crisis action protocols, it is critical that your company comprehends how to place as many ‘roadblocks’ as possible between your employees and the intruder/shooter to increase your chances of surviving an active shooter event.
This session will help your team prepare in several ways: First, it will increase the amount of ‘tools’ for employees by exploring tested and proven methods to increase survivability in these incidents. By increasing employee knowledge, you prepare team members to rapidly respond in an incident and decrease panic and in-action. Second, we will explore scenarios specific to your workplace and deal with realistic and practical actions that apply to your specific surroundings. Employees will take away increased day-to-day awareness, response tactics and mental preparation.
Duration/Length 1.5 – 2 hours
Target Audience All workplaces
CFR Reference 29 CFR 1910 and 1926
Pre-requisites None
Course Format Interactive classroom
Course Objectives • Learn how to recognize workplace violence indicators
• Learn how to prevent and prepare for the active shooter threat
• Learn to take proper action when confronted with an active shooter
• How to properly respond to law enforcement