We are in the midst of challenging times. Most of the nation’s workers are experiencing a time of uncertainty, anxiety, fear and misinformation. The current COVID epidemic has changed lives. Schools are canceled, public events are suspended and workplaces look very differently than just a short time ago.

Many employees are now working from home, and others are coming to a work environment while practicing distancing and other means to prevent the spread.

How does this isolation and social distancing impact your safety culture? You’ve worked hard to influence and convince folks to follow the rules by employing several techniques carefully designed to have a positive impact on your culture. Don’t let that fade away.

Here are some tips to maintain and elevate your safety culture during these trying times:

  • Communicate – Bring news, toolbox talks, best practices, and other safety-related info out to workers so your people have all the information they need and want.
  • Allocate Time – Make time to manage everything on your jobs, including safety. Offer the benefit of your experience. If it’s important enough for your time, it’ll warrant theirs.
  • Show Concern – Remind your people WHY we work safely. It’s for our families, friends, and customers, not for OSHA. And you need them to be safe, well, and productive, too!
  • Promote good personal attitudes – Combine all these and be enthusiastic. You’d be surprised at how quickly a good attitude spreads. And address negativity you see—bad attitudes spread fast, too!

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