Overview The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has published new rules governing the design, use, and training of users this year. ANSI published a new standard -ANSI A92.24: Training Requirements for Operators of MEWPs – designed to consolidate all the training requirements from various types of equipment into one standard. These new requirements will become effective in December of this year.

The new standards place greater responsibility on the equipment user/owner regardless of whether they are a large maintenance operation or a small business that rents a scissor lift, boom lift, etc. for seasonal work. Employers, owners and operators must be in compliance by December 10, 2019.

Training has some new requirements under this standard: First, training is required for each class of MEWP classification. This means that operators must be provided specific instructions to occupants so they can work safely in an MEWP, including how to use fall protection and the location of fall protection anchors and teaching them how their actions can affect stability.
New training is also required of Supervisors. The standard now requires supervisors of MEWP operators shall receive supervisor training. This shall include:

a. proper MEWP selection,
b. user and operator requirements,
c. how to identify known hazards and the means to manage risk, and
d. how to follow the requirements of the operator’s manual.

This is the course for companies needing to formally train supervisors of aerial work platform operators (scissor and boom lifts). The course includes classroom instruction and written testing.
Duration/Length 1 Hour
Target Audience Supervisors of MEWP Operators
CFR Reference 29 CFR 1926.450-453
Pre-requisites None
Course Format Classroom
Course Objectives • Introduction, outline, and provision for practice operation
• MEWP classifications, features and applications to assist with the proper selection of the correct MEWP for the work to be performed;
• The responsibilities of all parties involved with the operation of MEWPs;
• The rules, regulations and standards that apply to MEWPs, including the provisions for safe use as defined in ANSI A92.22, training and familiarization, and the work being performed;
• Potential hazards associated with the use of MEWs and the means to protect against, eliminate or mitigate identified hazards;
• The requirement for operators to read and understand the appropriate operator’s manual prior to using a MEWP and knowledge that the manual must be properly stored in the weather-resistant compartment on the platform when not in use by the operator.