Overview This is the course for companies needing to formally train operators to use aerial work platforms (scissor and boom lifts). This is the right option if you have new operators and want to ensure they have proper training according to the OSHA standards. If you have existing operators and are unsure of the quality/content of their past training, if you are missing their documentation or if they were certified through a prior employer, this would also be the right option for training. The course includes classroom instruction, written testing and hands-on evaluations for each type of aerial work platform they will be using. We are experts at working around busy schedules and will find a day and time that works for your facility. We show operators why they should work safely and the consequences of what can happen to their health and families if the rules are not followed. The pre-training survey, classroom instruction, hands-on evaluations and all OSHA required follow up paperwork are included in the cost of your training.
Duration/Length 4-5 Hours (Depending on the number of participants)
Target Audience Operators of MEWPs
CFR Reference 29 CFR 1926.450-453
Pre-requisites None
Course Format Classroom and hands-on
Course Objectives • Introduction, outline, and provision for practice operation
• Benefits of training
• Training vs. familiarization
• Management’s role in safety and the operator’s role
• Knowing your aerial lift & the importance of reading the operator’s manual
• The “big four” safety issues including tip-over, fall, collision and electrocution
• Basic components and typical control layouts
• Vehicle capacities
• The use of fall protection, as it applies to aerial lifts
• Operation of emergency ground controls
• Ground conditions
• Weather related dangers
• Pedestrian safety
• Operating in tight areas
• Basic operational issues
• Traveling rules
• How to avoid damage to the equipment and facilities
• Proper parking
• Operation on ramps
• Fueling procedures
• Personal protective equipment
• Pre-shift vehicle and job site inspections