Overview The employer is responsible for implementing a training program and ensuring that only trained drivers who have successfully completed the training program are allowed to operate powered industrial forklifts. An evaluation of each trained operator must be conducted during the initial training, at least once every three years and after refresher training. This course is designed to meet the needs of employees and employers by providing the knowledge and skills to operate straight mast forklifts safely.
Duration/Length 4 hours
Target Audience Employees who may operate forklifts
CFR Reference 29 CFR 1910.178
Pre-requisites None
Course Format Classroom and hands-on
Course Objectives • Introduction
• Proper pre/post operational inspection procedures.
• Common forklift accidents.
• Awareness of mechanical components and their function.
• Safety procedures for picking up loads (load weight, lift capacities).
• Load charts
• Safety procedures for traveling with loads.
• Safety procedures for stacking/placing and dropping loads.
• Safety procedures for operating other lift devices.
• Discussion on lift truck capacity, load center, center of gravity and steering.
• Lift truck classification. Class 4,&5.
• Safe loading/unloading procedures.
• General safe operating procedures.
• How to handle emergency situations
• Summary