Confined Space Safety Training


Looking to improve your training effectiveness? Tired of boring ‘death by PowerPoint’ training? Do you need to go beyond the OSHA regulations? Let Riskill’s hands-on confined space training solve your problems.

Riskill presents our Confined Space Entry Workshop. This training course covers the control of and entry into confined spaces, for personnel required to enter a confined space in the workplace. Topics of this hands-on course will include hazard assessment and mitigation, atmospheric monitoring and PPE selection, and utilizing non-entry rescue techniques from confined spaces. Students will encounter several hazards and obstacles during technically demanding hands-on evolutions. By completing this course it is expected that the attendees will have the necessary knowledge to enable repeated safe exposure to such work activities fully understanding “working in confined spaces”. Teamwork, situational awareness, and critical thinking skills are emphasized in all aspects of this course. After attending this class participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate proficiency removal of patients from a variety of confined spaces.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of hazard identification and mitigation techniques.
  • Develop and implement a successful non-entry rescue plan.
Confined Space Attendant
Worker during confined space entry training


  • The Confined Space Standard
  • Identifying Confined Space Hazards
  • Hazardous Atmospheres
  • Safety Equipment
  • Rescue Plan with First Aid
  • Participant Activities

Physical Requirements

Participants will be required to enter a confined space and conduct physical tasks under simulated hazardous conditions. In order to successfully complete these exercises, participants should be aware of any medical and/or physical limitations that might prevent them from participating in such activities.

Minimum Class Size:   3

Maximum Class Size:  20

Course Length:   8 hours

Format:  Lecture, Discussion,  Audio/Visual, Hands-on Exercises

Exam(s):  Written, Practical

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