Overview This course is designed to meet the rescue technician requirements in OSHA, ANSI, and NFPA standards. This program is intended for personnel who serve as entrants into confined spaces. This hands-on course puts you in “real life” scenarios with our confined space training unit such as making a rescue that satisfies the standard 29 CFR 1910.146, as (permit-required) confined spaces.
Duration/Length 24-40 hours, depending on existing training and skill levels.
Target Audience Industrial and contractor crews who will be responsible for making entry into PRCSs for rescue of trapped or incapacitated entrants.
CFR Reference 29 CFR 1910.146, 1926.1200, ANSI Z117, NFPA 1006, NFPA 1670
Pre-requisites Confined Space Entrant/Attendant, FA/CPR/AED
Course Format Hands-on, classroom, interactive. Skill proficiency required
Course Objectives Understand the construction, usages, and limitations of various types of hardware and software such as ropes, webbing, carabiners, and pulleys. Demonstrate proficiency in tying and utilizing knots as appropriate. Demonstrate proficiency in configuring acceptable anchor points. Understand the dynamics of critical angles and forces involved. Demonstrate proficiency in constructing lowering systems. Demonstrate proficiency in constructing mechanical advantage systems for hauling, raising, and moving loads. Demonstrate proficiency in “patient packaging and handling techniques”. Be able to use and establish common communication procedures, team roles and responsibilities, including an incident command system. Display teamwork developed during group scenarios.